Saloua Sarhiri


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An Accomplished Artist, She creates Works Of generous shapes And colors that capture the essence of her life and expressions. With exhibitions on an international scale Saloua continues to meet the demand of lovers of her artistic universe. From a young age, Saloua finds comfort in her mother’s studio where the scent of paint fills the air while the textures of the canvas inspire her imagination, little her dad regularly took her to exhibitions that encouraged Saloua to pursue her creative discovery as she followed her Creative path. Saloua finds herself immersed in creative expression in her world surrounded by music that fills the air as her brushes dance on her canvases representing the most intimate feelings and emotions that reveal an eternal passion for creativity and art! Saloua’s art illustrates his commitment and love of visual expression. Weaving everyday life with her artistic passion into works that speak Directly to their viewers And explore their curiosities between reality and imagination, Saloua Remains an inspiring figure in the contemporary Art Scene.

Saloua’s Art, Filled With Poetic Warmth And vitality

It was exactly what I needed on that tired, listless, lethargic day.
Deep inside I was crying out for a paean of poetic warmth and
vitality. Put simply, I wanted to feel that my life had a deeper
meaning and sense the beating pulse of a life lived to the full.
At the time, the life that surrounded me was largely worn out,
exhausted and humdrum. My soul wept at the endless drudgery
of it all.
I had also grown tired of my work as an art critic. As I trudged
around from one gallery and exhibition to the next, I was
growing increasingly disappointed. I was longing to see a trace
of curiosity, joy or vitality. Instead, I encountered pictures that

had already lost any spark of life (if they had ever had one in
the first place).
This might seem a long introduction, but it is necessary to
describe what I felt when I encountered Saloua’s visual worlds
filled with the pure joy of existence.
In truth, it had been years since I last stood in front of a work of
art that so powerfully moved my innermost soul.
Yes, I would say that this art had a power and a soulfulness to it
that carved a deep furrow straight into the most important part
of me; the place inside me where my love and my lifeblood and
the most essential aspects of me dwell.
So there I stood; happy and almost ecstatic at being granted an
insight into an artist’s secret, holy source of energy.
Happy to be able to see works by an artist who digs deep inside
themselves and manages to create works of art that are filled
with exactly what every art lover is seeking but so rarely finds.
The name of the artist whose works managed to enchant me so
completely is Saloua.
Most of all, I am transfixed by a picture in a huge format which
shouts out loud and bubbles over with vitality.

I think that a painting like this can very well stand comparison
with works by Jackson Pollock.
Mark me well; what Saloua is doing and displaying is absolutely
not illustration attempting to imitate art; these works are pictures
in which the brush dances wildly around the canvas, where
freedom is total. Such paintings can only be created by
someone who is not and has never allowed themselves to be
disciplined by rules or enslaving conventions.

I also see other works by Saloua that are more reminiscent of –
resemble – rocks or clenched fists, powerful blocks with an
intrinsic energy.
But what I find attractive about these works is not their external
power, but the “scribbles” that one can make out.
Finally, I would interpret Saloua’s art as being like the rock
carvings of the distant past.
Messages from Saloua to me and to all those who experience
the joy of encountering her letters of love.
Thank you, Saloua!

Stig Åke Stålnacke
Art Critic – member AICA
(International Art Critic